TMA Tarot Deck

“Make your reading; Face your future."

Project Completed September 13, 2022

July 20: Interest checkAugust 10: Interest check closesAugust 12: Shipping mod applications openSeptember 1: Shipping mod applications closeSeptember 1: Applications openSeptember 29: Applications closeOctober 5: Emails go outOctober 10: AssignmentsNovember 10: First check-inDecember 10: Second check-inJanuary 10: Final pieces dueApril 1 - May 10: Preorders openOctober -April: ShippingJuly 9-August 1, 2022: Leftover/PDF sales

Bazi - Finances

I’m currently modding a few zines along this one, and can be found as a contributor in some as well! I’m crazy about both TMA and tarot, and can’t wait to see this project take off ٩(•̤̀v•̤́๑)૭✧

Zanna - Social Media

I am and have been mod and contributor for various zines before this, and I’m excited to be working on a project that means so much to me! Tarot is something I recently started learning, and TMA holds a very special place in my heart. I can’t wait to see where this project goes!

Ly - Graphics/Formatting

I’ve modded several zines before but I’m tossing forward my best graphic design skills for this lovely project. Tarot has been an important part of my life for years and I absolutely love TMA so I’m beyond hyped!

Nightshade - Shipping

I’m currently involved in several projects within a few fandoms. I’m new to TMA but have been using tarot for a very long time. I’m so excited to be a part of this project!


About:This is a for-charity project for The Magnus Archives podcast. We are making a set of physical tarot cards for the fandom to enjoy!Where will the profit go?This is a for-charity project. All proceeds from the sale of the packs of cards will go to a charity chosen by moderators and contributors at a date closer to pre-orders.What is the schedule for the zine?You can see our current schedule here.Will the imagery for this project be SFW?Images on the cards will vary - it will be as SFW as possible, whilst also keeping true to the podcast’s theme, as the podcast itself has some gore-inducing scenes.How many cards will there be?Our goal is a full Tarot deck, so 78 cards!How many contributors will be accepted?We do not have an exact number for card artists as of yet, as it will depend on how many cards one artist is willing to do! We will be accepting 4 writers, and 5 merch artists. These numbers may be subject to change.Will contributors get a free deck of cards?This depends on our sales; at the least, contributors will get a PDF of the deck/guidebook and may purchase the physical deck at production cost. We cannot guarantee compensating everyone with a full deck at this time. However, in the case that sales go beyond expectations, we hope to compensate every contributor with a free deck!Will there be shipping in the cards?We intend to include canon-ships within the cards!How much will it cost?Prices will be set and announced closer to pre-orders.What are the mods looking for in applications?Card Artists: A nice art style, good knowledge and use of colors, composition, and anatomy. Backgrounds are required. We need to see at least one TMA sample in your portfolio.Writers: A clear description throughout your writing as well as decent knowledge of Tarot. Since writers will be creating summaries of the cards, we need to see a general flow in your samples as well. Preferably, we would like to see at least one piece that is TMA related. You can also use any other fandom or original work.Merch Artists: Like with card artists, we are looking for a nice art style, good knowledge and use of colors, composition, and anatomy! Please include samples of merch designs in your portfolio.Feel free to drop us an ask on our socials if you have any more questions!